Affordable Japanese Food
You, Your Family, and Friends
Will Love!

Helping you enjoy a memorable meal out
with your family and friend
using only the best ingredients.

  • 1. Order Online or In Restaurant
  • 2. We Prepare Your Meal
  • 3. Enjoy Your Japanese Food
  • 4. Leave Full, Happy, and Energized

Enjoy, Impress, and Save!

Enjoy a savory meal made with only the best ingredients and tastes amazing.

Your family and friends with praise you for choosing Kansas' #1 Japanese food chain.

Save money and spend less than you would at McDonalds®.

Hibachi Boy

We Understand Your Struggle

As a full-time working mom, when it comes to providing delicious, nutritious meals, I understand your struggle. This is why since 2013 we have changed the way thousands of families enjoy their meals together and impress their friends for less than what an equivalent meal would cost at McDonalds®, Subway®, Chick-fil-eh®, and other popular fast-food restaurants.

Ordering and enjoying has never been easier!

  1. Order Online or In Store

    Choose your favorite dish from our online menu and customize your meal. Conveniently preorder online or in our restaurant.

  2. We Prepare Your Meal

    Only the highest quality ingredients go into every dish, and we prepare them to artistic perfection.

  3. Enjoy Your Japanese Food

    Dine in our clean, modern, and family-friendly dining room or patio.
    Pick up your Japanese Asian food on the go.
    Or have it delivered right to your door without having the leave the comfort of your own home.

  4. Leave Full, Happy, and Energized

    Not every meal and dining experience is created equal. Eliminate the after-dinner crash and love your mealtime again.