Dog Shoes You and Your Dog Will Love.

Kool Paws shoes help you protect your dog's paws from allergens, extreme hot and cold surfaces, and keep your friend's paws clean.

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Dogs with unprotected paws will experience:

Discomfort, pain, or worse – burns which can lead to infection and expensive vet bills.

Allergic reactions they try to relieve by licking and chewing their paws raw.

Dirty paws that carry unwanted dirt, bugs, bacteria, and viruses into your home.

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Provide the best protection for your pet

Research shows that owners who protect their dog's paws with Kool Paws™ have a happier, healthier dog.

Rest easy knowing your dog's feet will no burn or chap on your walk together.

Your dog will stop suffering from irritating allergens caught in their paws.

Save time cleaning and disinfecting your home from the dirt and bacteria your pet used to bring in.

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Kool Paws is driven by a deep empathy for animals and a passion for improving their lives.

Empowering Pets with Proven Comfort and Protection

Unprotective paws are at risk for burns, infections, allergy exposure, and more.

Backed by Science and Research

Studies have shown walking dogs on hot pavement can lead to numerous downsides and negative effects on their health and well-being.

Designed for Style and Functionality

Our shoes are not only about comfort and protection - they're also about style and functionality.

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