• Complete commercial modular buildings to get you business running from day one.

    Complete commercial modular buildings to get you business running from day one.

    Get A Complete Structure Delivered and set up in one day versus months.

  1. Design Your Structure
  2. Watch Us Build It
  3. Do More Sooner

Time is Money

The longer you have to wait, the more money it takes, and the more money you lose.

We don't want that for you!

At National Modular Manufacturing we have spent years optimizing the building process from concept to completion.

  • Faster start to finish build time
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Amazing process experience

Put yourself ahead of your competition and do more sooner.

Your Plan To Beat Your Competition

  1. 1: Design Your Structure

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    Call (620) 466-5000 to discuss your structure.
  2. 2: Watch Us Build It

    Modular building at National Modular
    Enjoy the quick, easy, and stress free process of having it built for you.
  3. 3: Do More Sooner

    Modular building for Seven Brews business
    Get to business in days instead of months.

Experience The Difference

National Modular Manufacturing's buildings are constructed of quality lumber, steel, and modern materials. They come fully plumbed, wired, and ready to drop on-site at the time of delivery. We set it up in a matter of days and your preferred general contractor connects the utilities. You're now ready for business – it's that easy.

Our commitment to you: Produce the highest quality system-built modular building. How? We employ the Modular Building Systems Manuel during planning and construction. Once finished, licensed inspectors thuroughly inspect every structure to ensure it meets or exceeds minimum code compliance. We make sure everything detail is right.

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We Help You Win

Let us help you get your structure set up, quickly, and safely so you can focus on building your business. National Modular Manufacturing is committed to producing the highest quality system-built modular buildings and has developed the following program to be used in corroboration with the Modular Building Systems Manuel. The approved building systems manual, along with any approved model plan set, contains details for construction in compliance with the applicable codes, installation instructions, etc., and is the basis for compliance standards.

National Modular Manufacturing is a limited liability company established in September of 2021 and is located in Haven, KS of Reno County. It is co-owned and operated by Michael Arndt and Jon Weninger. National Modular Manufacturing assembles commercial modular buildings from scratch to produce a finished product for customers to serve a variety of purposes, including use as restaurants.


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